Discover Pain Care Hospital Dhanmondi – Your Compassionate Healthcare Partner

Welcome to Pain Care Hospital Dhanmondi, the hub of excellence!

In healthcare, compassion and expertise are key.

Our hospital offers the best of both for every patient.

Why Choose Pain Care Hospital Dhanmondi?

Choosing the right hospital is crucial for your health.

Here are reasons to make Pain Care Hospital your choice:

  • Expert Doctors: We have top medical experts.
  • Modern Equipment: We use the latest health technology.
  • Patient Care: We prioritize your comfort and health.
  • Accessible Location: Located in the heart of Dhanmondi.

Our Services and Departments

Pain Care Hospital is proud to offer various medical departments.

Below is a list of services we offer:

Department Services
Orthopedics Bone, joint, and muscle care
Neurology Brain and nerve treatment
Cardiology Heart care
Pediatrics Child health care

Outstanding Orthopedic Care

Our orthopedic department is a standout feature.

We help with bone and joint pain.

Advanced Neurological Treatment

We offer cutting-edge care for nervous system issues.

Our neurology experts are highly skilled.

Comprehensive Cardiac Services

Your heart health is our priority.

We provide top-notch cardiology services.

Friendly Pediatric Solutions

We give special attention to our young patients.

Our pediatric care is gentle and effective.

Patient Testimonials

Hear what our patients say about us:

“Pain Care Hospital was a blessing for my recovery. The doctors and nurses looked after me like family.”
“I found relief for my chronic back pain, thanks to Pain Care Hospital’s amazing team.”

Visiting Hours and Appointment Scheduling

Ready to visit us? Check our visiting hours and book an appointment:

Day Visiting Hours Appointment Booking
Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8 PM Call 01XXX-XXXXXX
Saturday – Sunday 9 AM – 5 PM Call 01XXX-XXXXXX

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Book An Appointment?

Call the number provided in the visiting hours table.

What Insurance Do You Accept?

We accept most insurance plans. Call us for more info.

Do You Handle Emergencies?

Yes, we are equipped to manage urgent medical situations.

Is There Parking Available?

Yes, we offer parking for patients and visitors.

How to Reach Pain Care Hospital Dhanmondi

We are located in Dhanmondi, a central area in the city.

For directions, please use your favorite map app to find us.

Contact Us

Have any questions? Feel free to contact Pain Care Hospital Dhanmondi:

Frequently Asked Questions Of Pain Care Hospital Dhanmondi

What Services Does Pain Care Hospital Offer?

Pain Care Hospital in Dhanmondi specializes in various pain management services, utilising both traditional and advanced treatment methods for chronic and acute pain.

Is Pain Care Hospital Open 24/7?

Pain Care Hospital provides round-the-clock services to accommodate emergency pain treatments and urgent care needs.

Does Pain Care Hospital Accept Insurance?

Most major insurance plans are accepted at Pain Care Hospital, but it’s wise to confirm coverage details with them directly.

How Can I Book An Appointment At Pain Care Hospital?

Scheduling an appointment is convenient; just call their reception or use their online booking system if available.

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