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Did you know there’s a special place for brain care? It’s called the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) in Dhaka. This place is very important for people with brain problems. They have great doctors and machines to help you. Let’s learn more about it!

What is the National Neuroscience Institute?

The NNI is a place in Dhaka for people with special needs. These needs are about the brain and nerves. They treat many problems with good care. Here is a table of what they do:

Services Description
Doctor Visits Talk to a doctor about your health.
Brain Tests Find out how your brain is working.
Surgery Operations to fix brain issues.
Recovery Care Help to get better after surgery.

Why National Neuroscience Institute is Special

This institute is very special. They have big machines for scans. And the best doctors to help you. This place helps kids and adults. It is known for being really good.

Advanced Treatments at National Neuroscience Institute

The NNI uses the newest and best treatments. They always learn and use new ways to help. This makes them a leader in their field.

  • They use machines that can look into your head without any cuts.
  • Their doctors study a lot and know so much.
  • They can find out what your problem is really fast.
  • They can perform surgeries that are very safe.

A Team of Experts

The doctors at NNI are like superheroes. They are very smart and kind. They worked hard to become great doctors. They are always there to help you feel better.

Experiences from Patients

Many people who go to NNI are happy. They say the doctors and nurses are nice. They also say the care they get is the best. Hear from some patients:

“I felt safe and well-cared for at the NNI. The doctors are fantastic!” – Asif

“The nurses at NNI made sure I was comfortable. I am better now.” – Rumi

“Thank you NNI for helping my daughter. She is smiling again.” – Fahima’s Mom

How to Get in Touch with National Neuroscience Institute

If you need to visit NNI, it’s easy! You can call them or go to their website. They will answer your questions. Just reach out and they will help.

Frequently Asked Questions On National Neuroscience Institute Dhaka

What Services Does Nni Dhaka Offer?

National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) Dhaka offers comprehensive neurological care including diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for various neurological disorders.

Can I Find Stroke Specialists At Nni Dhaka?

Yes, NNI Dhaka hosts stroke specialists who are experienced in managing acute stroke cases and providing post-stroke rehabilitation services.

Is There Emergency Neuro Care At Nni Dhaka?

NNI Dhaka is equipped with emergency neurological care facilities to handle critical cases such as strokes and traumatic brain injuries efficiently.

Are Pediatric Neuro Services Available?

Pediatric neurology services are indeed offered at NNI Dhaka, catering to the unique neurological needs of children.


The National Neuroscience Institute Dhaka is a great place. They have caring doctors and new treatments. If you or someone you know has brain problems, this is where you should go. They will do their best to help you get better. Remember, good health is the most important thing.

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