A Comprehensive Guide to DNCC Covid-19 Hospital Mohakhali

Learn all about the DNCC Covid-19 Hospital in Mohakhali.

Understanding DNCC Covid-19 Hospital

The DNCC Covid-19 Hospital Mohakhali is a healthcare beacon.

It stands in Mohakhali, a busy Dhaka area, ready to fight Covid-19.

It has become a central place for treating coronavirus patients.

Services Offered at DNCC Covid-19 Hospital

  • Patients get tested for the coronavirus here.
  • There are special care units for severe cases.
  • Doctors see patients every day.
  • You can also talk to doctors on the phone.
  • Nurses help patients feel better fast.

Why DNCC Hospital is Important

The hospital is key in battling the pandemic in Dhaka.

It provides care without patients worrying about money.

Many people have found healing within its walls.

Facilities Provided

The hospital has many tools to help patients.

It is ready with oxygen for those who find breathing hard.

There are beds just for Covid-19 patients.

If needed, there are ICU spots too.

Arranging a Visit to the Hospital

Here’s how to get in touch or go to the hospital:

  • Call their hotline if you start feeling sick.
  • The hospital will say if you should come in.
  • Always wear a mask and stay clean.
  • Follow all hospital rules for everyone’s safety.

Location and Contact

Name DNCC Covid-19 Hospital Mohakhali
Address Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hotline (+880) XX-XXXX-XXXX
Open Hours 24/7, All year round

Steps to Protect Yourself

While the hospital provides care, you can also stay safe at home.

  • Wash your hands often with soap.
  • Keep away from sick people.
  • Wear a mask when you go out.
  • Get the vaccine to stop the virus.
  • Eat healthy food to stay strong.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Dncc Covid 19 Hospital Mohakhali

What Services Does Dncc Covid-19 Hospital Provide?

DNCC Covid-19 Hospital Mohakhali offers dedicated services for Covid-19 patients, including testing, treatment, and critical care facilities.

Is Dncc Hospital Mohakhali Open 24/7?

Yes, DNCC Covid-19 Hospital operates round the clock to cater to the needs of Covid-19 patients during the pandemic.

How To Contact Dncc Covid-19 Hospital?

You can contact DNCC Covid-19 Hospital by calling their official helpline or visiting their website for more information.

Where Is Dncc Covid-19 Hospital Located?

Located in Mohakhali, Dhaka, DNCC Covid-19 Hospital is strategically positioned to serve patients across the city effectively.


The DNCC Covid-19 Hospital is playing a big role.

It helps people in Dhaka fight the virus.

Remember, we can all help to stop Covid-19.

Stay safe and follow health rules.

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