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Welcome to a world of compassionate healthcare at Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi.

Located in the heart of Dhanmondi, Rainbow Hospital is a beacon of healing. With a family-friendly atmosphere, every visitor is treated with utmost care.

Exceptional Medical Facilities

Rainbow Hospital boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities. We have modern equipment for all your health needs.

Our technologies and infrastructure are on par with global standards.

Dedicated Healthcare Professionals

Our experienced doctors and nurses provide personalized care. They work tirelessly to ensure a positive patient experience.

Services Offered at Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi

Department Services
Pediatrics Child health and wellness checks
Cardiology Heart health and treatments
Oncology Cancer care and support
Orthopedics Bone and joint care

These are just a few of the many departments in our hospital.

Why Choose Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi?

  • We have a commitment to excellence.
  • Our staff provides care with a smile.
  • Every patient is important to us.
  • We offer affordable healthcare.
  • Our approach is always patient-first.

Outpatient Services

At Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi, we cater to outpatient services with ease. We ensure minimal waiting times and efficient service delivery.

Inpatient Care

Our inpatient wards are comfortable and clean. We ensure a safe and healing environment for all our patients.

Emergency Services

In urgent situations, our emergency department is open 24/7. We are ready to provide immediate care any time, any day.

Diagnostic Services

Rainbow Hospital is equipped with a full range of diagnostic services. This includes:

  • Laboratory tests
  • Imaging services like X-rays and MRIs
  • Cardiac evaluations

Our Commitment to Patient Safety

We prioritize your safety above all. Our hospital follows strict protocols to avoid any health risks.

Patient and Visitor Information

We aim to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Below is key information to help you plan your visit:

Information Details
Visiting Hours 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact [Hospital Phone Number]
Location [Hospital Address]
Parking Available for patients and visitors

How To Reach Us

Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi is easily accessible by public transport. There’s also ample parking space available.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi

What Services Does Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi Offer?

Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi offers a comprehensive range of medical services including emergency care, surgery, pediatrics, and diagnostic imaging.

Where Is Rainbow Hospital Located In Dhanmondi?

Located in the heart of Dhanmondi, Rainbow Hospital is easily accessible on Road No. 5, near the Dhanmondi R/A junction.

Can I Book An Appointment Online At Rainbow Hospital?

Yes, Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi provides convenient online appointment booking through their official website.

Are Walk-in Consultations Available At Rainbow Hospital?

Walk-in consultations are welcomed at Rainbow Hospital, ensuring prompt medical attention for those in immediate need.


At Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi, your health is our mission. We blend advanced medical treatment with compassionate care.

Visit us for a healthcare experience that puts you first. We look forward to caring for you and your loved ones.

Contact Us

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Rainbow Hospital Dhanmondi today. Your journey to better health begins here!

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