Exploring United Hospital Baridhara Dhaka: Your Guide to Quality Healthcare

Welcome to our extensive guide on the United Hospital Baridhara Dhaka. We offer insights for families seeking reliable healthcare.

About United Hospital Baridhara Dhaka

United Hospital is located in the heart of Dhaka. It is known for its excellent medical services. It has been serving patients since 2006.

The hospital houses experienced doctors and modern equipment. Their goal is to give patients the best care.

Medical Specialties and Departments

The hospital has many departments. Each one looks after a specific medical area. Below is a table of the key departments and specialties:

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Department Specialty
Cardiology Heart care
Neurology Brain and nerves
Oncology Cancer treatment
Pediatrics Children’s health
Orthopedics Bones and joints

Facilities and Services

The hospital offers various services to help patients. They work hard to provide comfort and care. Let’s explore the services they offer:

  • Emergency Services – Open 24/7 for urgent care.
  • Diagnostic Services – For accurate health checks.
  • Pharmacy – With a wide range of medicines.
  • Operation Theatres – For different types of surgeries.
  • Intensive Care Units – For critical patient care.
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Patient-Care Initiatives

United Hospital places patients first. They run programs to improve patient experiences. They also work to make healthcare better for everyone. Here are some initiatives:

  1. Patient Support Services – Offering guidance throughout the hospital stay.
  2. Health Packages – For regular check-ups and screenings.
  3. Health Awareness Programs – To educate on various health issues.
  4. International Patient Services – For patients coming from abroad.
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Visiting the Hospital

When you plan to visit the hospital, remember these tips:

  • Make an Appointment: It’s best to book a doctor’s visit ahead of time.
  • Check the Visiting Hours: Know when you can see patients.
  • Have Your Documents Ready: Such as ID and health records.
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For more details, you can visit the United Hospital’s official website.

Frequently Asked Questions Of United Hospital Baridhara Dhaka

What Services Does United Hospital Offer?

United Hospital Baridhara Dhaka provides a comprehensive range of medical services, including cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, and emergency care.

Is United Hospital Open 24/7?

Yes, United Hospital Baridhara Dhaka operates 24/7, offering round-the-clock medical attention and emergency services.

How To Book An Appointment At United Hospital?

Patients can book appointments at United Hospital by calling their dedicated appointment hotline or via their official website.

Where Is United Hospital Located?

United Hospital is situated in Baridhara, Dhaka, offering easy accessibility for both local and international patients.

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