Discover the Exceptional Healthcare Services at Eva Care Hospital Dhaka

Welcome to Eva Care Hospital, a beacon of healthcare in Dhaka. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch medical attention. Our aim is to ensure everyone feels better. Kids and parents, we hope you find this information helpful and clear.

Why Choose Eva Care Hospital?

  • Modern Facilities: We have machines that see inside you without any “ouch”.
  • Skilled Doctors: Our doctors are like super smart heroes in white coats.
  • Caring Nurses: Our nurses are super kind and always there to help you smile.
  • 24/7 Services: Day or night, we’re always open to take care of you.
  • Emergency Care: If you have a “boo-boo” that’s really bad, come fast. We’re ready!

Our Departments

Department What We Do
Pediatrics We help kids feel all better, from tiny babies to bigger ones.
Cardiology We take super good care of your heart so it keeps going “thump-thump”.
Neurology We make sure your brain and nerves are happy and healthy.
Orthopedics If your bones get hurt, we are here to make them strong again.
Dentistry We keep your teeth sparkly clean and help if they hurt.

Fun and Comforting Environment

At Eva Care Hospital, we know hospitals can sometimes be scary. But here, we have colorful walls and rooms with toys. We want to make you feel safe and happy.

Easy Appointments

Getting an appointment is like a piece of cake. Your parents can call us or visit our website. They can pick a time that fits, and you’re all set.


“Eva Care Hospital made my scary visit not so scary. The doctors and nurses were like friends.” – A Happy Kid
“Best place for kids when they’re feeling sick. The care and attention we received were amazing.” – A Relieved Parent

Frequently Asked Questions For Eva Care Hospital Dhaka

What Services Does Eva Care Hospital Provide?

Eva Care Hospital in Dhaka offers a comprehensive suite of medical services, including emergency care, specialized surgeries, outpatient services, diagnostics, and inpatient care.

Is Eva Care Hospital Dhaka Open 24/7?

Yes, Eva Care Hospital in Dhaka operates around the clock, offering 24/7 emergency services to cater to immediate medical needs.

How To Book An Appointment At Eva Care Hospital?

For appointment booking at Eva Care Hospital, patients can conveniently use their online platform or contact their reception desk via phone.

Where Is Eva Care Hospital Located In Dhaka?

Eva Care Hospital is situated in the heart of Dhaka, with its precise location available on their website and local healthcare directories.

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