Explore the Comprehensive Care at Cancer Center CMH Dhaka

When faced with cancer, finding the right care is crucial. Cancer Center CMH Dhaka offers hope. Their team uses modern treatments for healing. Let’s explore the services provided here.

Understanding Cancer and Its Impact

Cancer is a disease where cells grow out of control. It can happen anywhere in the body. This letter tells you about cancer care in Dhaka.

What is the Cancer Center CMH Dhaka?

The Cancer Center CMH Dhaka is a place for treatment. It is part of the Combined Military Hospital. They focus on giving the best cancer care.

Why Choose Cmh Dhaka For Cancer Care?

  • Skilled doctors work here.
  • They use new methods for treatment.
  • Patient comfort is a top priority.
  • They care for patients with kindness.

Facilities and Services Offered

The center has a lot to offer. Here are some key services:

  1. Diagnosis with modern tools.
  2. Many treatment options.
  3. Support for patients and families.

Diagnosis and Modern Equipment

Early diagnosis helps beat cancer. CMH Dhaka has new machines to find cancer early.

Advanced Technologies For Better Diagnosis

The center uses tools like:

  • CT scanners – These make images inside your body.
  • MRI machines – They show clear pictures without X-rays.
  • PET scans – These find cancer in the body.

These tools help doctors see cancer better. Thus, they make a good treatment plan for you.

Treatment Options at Cancer Center CMH Dhaka

The center offers many ways to fight cancer. Some are:

  • Chemotherapy: It uses strong medicines to kill cancer.
  • Radiotherapy: Beams destroy cancer cells.
  • Surgery: Doctors remove cancer from the body.

With these options, they make a plan just for you.

Supportive Care and Rehabilitation

Patient health and happiness matter here too. They help you feel strong during treatment.

Services For Comfort And Recovery

Getting better includes:

  • Nutrition advice to stay strong.
  • Counseling to cope with stress.
  • Help with side effects from treatment.

Testimonials from Survivors and Families

Many have found help at CMH Dhaka. They say:

“The care at the center made us feel hopeful. Doctors and nurses were kind. It felt like a big family.”
“My treatment was tough. But the team stood by me. I never felt alone here.”

How to Access Services at Cancer Center CMH Dhaka?

It’s easy to start. Just follow these steps:

  1. Call to make an appointment.
  2. Meet doctors for advice.
  3. They will plan your care.

Frequently Asked Questions On Cancer Center Cmh Dhaka

What Treatments Does Cancer Center Cmh Dhaka Offer?

Cancer Center Cmh Dhaka specializes in comprehensive cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgical interventions tailored to each patient’s needs.

Is Cancer Center Cmh Dhaka Well-equipped?

The facility boasts state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology to ensure the highest standard of cancer care for patients.

How Experienced Are The Oncologists At Cmh Dhaka?

The oncology team at Cmh Dhaka consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to cancer treatment and research.

Can I Schedule A Consultation At Cancer Center Cmh Dhaka?

Scheduling a consultation is straightforward; patients can contact the center directly to arrange an appointment with a cancer specialist.


The Cancer Center CMH Dhaka is here for you. With passion and skill, they fight cancer. Your journey to health can start today. Contact them for care that makes a difference.

Contact Information for Cancer Center CMH Dhaka
Contact Type Details
Phone +880 2-####-####
Email contact@cmhcancercenter.dhaka
Address Combined Military Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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