Discovering the Exceptional Services of Bashundhara Evercare Hospital

Welcome to a world where health comes first!

Introduction to Bashundhara Evercare Hospital

Bashundhara Evercare Hospital is not just any hospital. It is a place where every patient matters.

This hospital stands proud in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has many rooms and big spaces for people to walk.

Amazing Healthcare Services

How does this place help sick people? Let’s find out!

  • Doctors here know lots about health and sickness.
  • They can check your heart, bones, and even your brain.
  • If you need to stay overnight, they have cozy beds.
  • They can make you feel better with good medicine.

The Rooms of Care

Are you curious about where sick people stay? Look at this.

Room Type Things Inside Good For
Regular Room A bed, a chair, and a bathroom. Resting and getting better.
Special Room Extra comfy bed and TV. Staying comfy while sick.
ICU Special machines to watch over you. Very sick people who need extra care.

Helping Hearts and Smiling Faces

At this hospital, the people who work here are kind.

They smile and make sure you are not scared.

Learning and Fun for Kids

Bashundhara Evercare Hospital thinks about kids too!

They have books and toys for children to play with.

Sometimes, they even teach kids about staying healthy.

Emergency Help Whenever You Need

What if you are very, very sick and it is late at night?

Don’t worry, this hospital never sleeps.

They are ready to help, anytime you come.

Keeping Everything Super Clean

Cleanliness is super important in a hospital.

That’s why they clean every corner, every day.

Easy Ways to Get There

Wondering how to visit Bashundhara Evercare Hospital?

  • Many buses go there.
  • Cars and bikes can park easily.
  • Even walking there is safe.

Taking Care of Your Teeth Too

Yes, they also look after your smile!

Their dentists are gentle and friendly.

Fast and Smart Machines

They have machines that can see inside your body.

These machines help doctors find out what’s wrong.

Working Together for Your Health

The nurses, doctors, and all staff work as a team.

They talk and plan together to make you better.

Closing Thoughts

Bashundhara Evercare Hospital is truly a place of healing.

You can trust them to care for you and your family.

Ready to learn more? Just reach out to them.

Frequently Asked Questions For Bashundhara Evercare Hospital

What Services Does Bashundhara Evercare Offer?

Bashundhara Evercare Hospital provides comprehensive healthcare services, including emergency care, specialized surgeries, diagnostics, and outpatient services.

Is Bashundhara Evercare Hospital Open 24/7?

Yes, the hospital operates 24/7, offering emergency and critical care services around the clock.

Can I Book Appointments Online At Bashundhara Evercare?

Yes, appointments with specialists at Bashundhara Evercare can be booked online through their official website or healthcare apps.

Does Bashundhara Evercare Have A Cardiology Unit?

Bashundhara Evercare boasts a state-of-the-art cardiology unit equipped with advanced medical technology for heart care.

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