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American Hospital Chittagong is a government hospital located in Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh. This hospital is well known for its medication on skin disease.It’s the only hospital in Chittagong that is mainly established for the purpose of handling the skin diseases patients. It has renowned for it’s quality of treatment and the govt. facility to the poor. Huge number of medical representatives are always ready to serve people.Patients are provided with free medicine & health care service at a low cost. Everyday, more then 100 patient visits the hospital to get treatment.

Where is American Hospital Chittagong?

It is located in Agrabad,Chittagong. After crossing Jambura Park and govt. coloy higly school, you will find it.

What American Hospital Chittagong famous for?

American Hospital Chittagong is famous for the treatment of skin disease, allergy, sexual problems and dermatology.

What’s the fee of American Hospital Chittagong?

There is no fee at all. You just need to purchase a ticket for 5 Taka

Is American Hospital Chittagong Govt. or Private?
American Hospital Chittagong is a Govt. Hospital

Is American Hospital Chittagong a good hospital?
Yes, it is very good hospital for skin disease, allergy and sexual problems.

Does American Hospital Chittagong provide free medicine?
If the medical is avaible to their stock, then they will give you free medicine. But most of the time there is no available medicine to give you and you have to purchase from pharmacy.

Address: Near Goshaildanga Kali Mandi, Agrabad, Chattogram 4200

Phone: 031-502349

Opening Hours

Thursday 8AM–2:30PM
Friday Closed
Saturday 8AM–2:30PM
Sunday 8AM–2:30PM
Monday 8AM–2:30PM
Tuesday 8AM–2:30PM
Wednesday 8AM–2:30PM

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