Ad-Din Hospital Dhaka Ambulance Services – Your Lifeline in Emergencies

Ad-Din Hospital Dhaka is well-known for its healthcare services. But did you know about its ambulance service? They help many people in urgent times.

Their ambulances are like a mobile hospital. They offer care when you need it most. This article tells you all about their amazing service.

Why is an Ambulance Service So Important?

An ambulance gets you to the hospital fast. It is there for serious health problems. It has tools and a team to take care of you. Here’s why you need a good ambulance service:

  • Help arrives quickly during emergencies.
  • Professional help is there for you.
  • They can save your life on the way to the hospital.
  • They have special tools for critical care.

Ad-Din Hospital’s Ambulance Services

Ad-Din Hospital provides ambulance services in Dhaka with great care. They make sure that patients get to the hospital safely and quickly.

Feature Description
Quick Response They have fast ambulances.
Available 24/7 They are ready to help anytime.
Skilled Staff Trained people are there to help.
Advanced Equipment They have important medical tools.
Care During Transit The team gives care on the way to the hospital.

How To Contact Ad-din Hospital For An Ambulance?

Do you need an ambulance from Ad-Din Hospital? Do these steps:

  • Call their emergency number.
  • Tell them your location and problem.
  • Wait safely for the ambulance to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Emergency Number For Ad-din Hospital’s Ambulance?

You can call their hotline for an ambulance. The number is shared on their website.

How Quick Is Ad-din Hospital’s Ambulance?

They try to reach as soon as possible. Speed can vary due to traffic.

Do They Have Ambulances For Heart Problems?

Yes, they have special ambulances for these emergencies.

Is There A Charge For The Ambulance?

Yes, there is a fee. It covers the service and care given.

Remember, Ad-Din Hospital’s ambulance service is always there when you need urgent help. They have skilled teams and special tools to care for you. They work hard to make sure you get to the hospital quickly and safely.

In a city like Dhaka, it’s good to know about reliable services like this. They can make a huge difference in emergencies. Keep the number handy and stay prepared. After all, being ready can save lives!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Ad Din Hospital Dhaka Ambulance

Is Ad Din Hospital’s Ambulance Service 24/7?

Ad Din Hospital Dhaka’s ambulance service operates around the clock, providing emergency medical transportation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

How To Book An Ambulance From Ad Din Hospital?

For booking an ambulance at Ad Din Hospital Dhaka, contact their emergency hotline, available on their official website, or visit the hospital’s reception desk.

What Are Ad Din Hospital Ambulance Charges?

Ambulance fees at Ad Din Hospital Dhaka vary based on distance and service type; for accurate pricing, directly inquire with the hospital’s emergency services department.

Does Ad Din Hospital Have Advanced Life Support Ambulances?

Yes, Ad Din Hospital Dhaka equips ambulances with advanced life support systems to cater to critical patient care during transit.


The ambulance service from Ad-Din Hospital is a key part of their healthcare. It gives quick, reliable care. This can save lives.

Next time you or a loved one is in need, remember the swift and efficient ambulances of Ad-Din Hospital Dhaka. It’s not just transport; it’s a lifeline in emergencies.

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