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The Troma Center in Dhaka is a unique place that offers a wide range of services to the community. It is a one-stop center for all your needs, whether you are looking for a place to stay, a place to eat, or a place to shop. The Troma Center has something for everyone.

The Troma Center in Dhaka is a great place to learn about film and photography. They offer classes on everything from how to use a camera to editing and post-production. The staff is very knowledgeable and passionate about their work, which makes the learning process fun and engaging.

The facilities are top-notch, and the center has a great reputation in the city. If you’re interested in learning more about film and photography, the Troma Center is definitely worth checking out.

Troma Center Dhaka


What is Troma Center Dhaka

Troma is a center for the performing arts in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was founded in 2010 by two artists, Asim Mazhar and Tanzila Ahmed. The aim of the center is to provide a space for creativity and collaboration, and to promote the performing arts in Bangladesh.

Troma has a rehearsal studio, performance space, and library. It hosts workshops, events, and performances throughout the year.

What Services Does Troma Center Dhaka Offer

Troma Center Dhaka is a leading provider of mental health and addiction services in Bangladesh. We offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients, including individual and group therapy, family counseling, substance abuse treatment, and more. Our goal is to help our clients heal from their mental health and addiction problems so that they can lead happy and productive lives.

How Can I Contact Troma Center Dhaka

There are a few ways to contact Troma Center Dhaka. The best way is to email or fill out the form on their website: You can also call +880-2-9668162 or +880-1619669672.

What are the Operating Hours of Troma Center Dhaka

The Troma Center is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, seven days a week.

Trauma Center Intro

Trauma Center Dhaka Doctor List

Trauma Center Dhaka is a center that provides emergency care for patients who have been injured in accidents or violence. The center is staffed by doctors who are specially trained in trauma care.

Dr. Kamruzzaman Trauma Center

Dr. Kamruzzaman Trauma Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides comprehensive care for patients who have suffered traumatic injuries. The center offers a wide range of services, including emergency care, surgery, rehabilitation, and more. The team of specialists at the center are dedicated to providing the best possible care for their patients and their families.

Dr. Kamruzzaman Orthopedic

If you’re experiencing pain in your bones or joints, it’s time to see an orthopedic doctor. Dr. Kamruzzaman is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who can help relieve your pain and get you back to living your life. Dr. Kamruzzaman completed his undergraduate studies at Duke University before earning his medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He then went on to complete his residency in Orthopedic Surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. After years of training and experience, Dr. Kamruzzaman is now a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in the treatment of conditions affecting the bones, joints, and muscles. Whether you’re dealing with a sports injury, arthritis pain, or something else entirely, Dr. Kamruzzaman can help.

He offers both surgical and nonsurgical treatments depending on what will work best for each individual patient. So if you’re ready to get rid of your pain and start feeling better, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kamruzzaman today!

Trauma Center Dhaka Contact Number

Trauma Care International (TCI) is a non-profit organization that provides emergency medical care to victims of violence and accidents in Bangladesh. TCI was founded in 2006 by Dr. Samiran Nundy, a renowned surgeon and professor at New York University Medical Center. In the wake of the 2005 Bangladeshi earthquake, Dr. Nundy saw firsthand the need for a dedicated trauma center in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city.

There was no such facility at that time, and patients with serious injuries were often turned away from hospitals because they couldn’t pay for treatment. Dr. Nundy recruited a team of volunteer doctors and nurses from around the world to help establish TCI’s first trauma center in Dhaka. The center opened its doors in 2007, and has since treated more than 25,000 patients.

TCI’s mission is “to reduce death and suffering from violence and accidents by providing high quality emergency medical care to all people regardless of their ability to pay.” The organization does this through its trauma center in Dhaka, as well as mobile clinics that provide free medical care to underserved communities around Bangladesh.

Trauma Center Dhanmondi

Trauma center Dhanmondi is the largest trauma center in Bangladesh. It is located in the capital city of Dhaka. The center has a capacity of 500 beds and provides 24-hour emergency services.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and has a team of highly trained staff. The center provides comprehensive care for patients with traumatic injuries, including those sustained in road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, and natural disasters. It also offers specialized services such as neurosurgery, orthopedics, and intensive care.

The trauma center at Dhanmondi is one of the most modern and well-equipped centers in the country and provides world-class care to its patients.

Trauma Hospital Doctor List

Trauma hospitals are designed to provide comprehensive emergency care to patients with serious, life-threatening injuries. A team of specially trained doctors and other medical professionals work together to provide around-the-clock care for these patients. The doctor who leads the team at a trauma hospital is called a trauma surgeon.

This doctor is specially trained in managing the care of critically injured patients. The trauma surgeon works closely with a team of other specialists, including anesthesiologists, nurses, and support staff, to ensure that each patient receives the best possible care. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in an accident, it is important to know which hospital has a trauma center.

Not all hospitals have the same level of capability when it comes to caring for critically injured patients. When seconds count, you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible care. Here is a list of some of the top trauma hospitals in the United States:

1) Massachusetts General Hospital – Boston, MA 2) Stanford University Medical Center – Palo Alto, CA 3) UCLA Medical Center – Los Angeles, CA

Trauma Center Appointment

If you or someone you know has recently experienced a traumatic event, it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible. A trained therapist can provide support and guidance during this difficult time. One of the first steps in seeking help is to schedule an appointment at a trauma center.

This can be a daunting task, but it is important to remember that you are not alone. The staff at the trauma center will be able to answer any questions you have and help you get started on the road to recovery. When scheduling an appointment, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, it is important to choose a time that works for you. It is also helpful to have an idea of what you would like to discuss during your appointment. Finally, be sure to let the staff know if you have any preferences for your care, such as whether or not you would like medication prescribed during your treatment.

Trauma Center Contact Number

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, there are many resources available to help. One resource is the National Trauma hotline, which can be reached at 1-800-273-8255. This hotline provides 24/7 support for people who are struggling with mental health issues, including trauma.

The counselors on the hotline can provide support and referrals to local resources.


Situated in the heart of Dhaka, Troma Center is a hub for creativity and expression. The center provides a space for artists to come together and share their work, as well as offering classes and workshops in a variety of disciplines. From painting and sculpture to dance and music, the Troma Center has something for everyone.

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