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Rg Stone Hospital Delhi

Rg Stone Urology And Laparoscopy Hospital is a renowned hospital in Delhi that offers world-class treatments and facilities for stone patients. The hospital has a team of experienced urologists who are experts in treating all types of stones, whether they are small or large stones. The hospital also has the latest technology and equipment to provide the best possible care for its patients.

Rg Stone Hospital Delhi is one of the best hospitals in India and it is also one of the largest hospitals in Delhi. It has a capacity of more than 3000 beds and it provides all kind of medical facilities to its patients. It has a good reputation among its patients and their families.

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Who is the Owner of Rg Stone Hospital?

RG Stone Hospital is a healthcare facility located in India. It is a multispecialty hospital that provides treatments and services for various medical conditions and diseases. The hospital is owned by RG Group, a leading healthcare provider in India.

Which Hospital is Best for Stone Operation?

There are many hospitals that offer stone operations, and it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision: 1. The experience of the surgeon.

Make sure to research the surgeon’s experience performing this type of surgery. You want someone who is experienced and has a good track record with this procedure. 2. The hospital’s success rate.

Ask the hospital about their success rate with this surgery. Find out how many patients have had successful outcomes and what the complication rate is. 3. The cost of the surgery.

This is an important factor to consider, as you will likely be paying for the surgery yourself if your insurance does not cover it. Get quotes from several hospitals so that you can compare costs. 4. The location of the hospital.

If you live in a rural area, you may need to travel to a larger city for this type of surgery. Consider whether you are willing to travel or if you would prefer to stay closer to home . 5 .

Your personal preferences . Ultimately, you will need to decide which hospital is best for YOU . Consider all of the above factors and make a decision based on what is most important to you .

Which Hospital is Best for Kidney Stones?

There are many different hospitals that specialize in treating kidney stones. Some of the most popular and well-known hospitals include Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Each hospital has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to do your research to find the best one for you.

Mayo Clinic is widely considered to be one of the best hospitals for kidney stones. It has a highly experienced staff and some of the most advanced medical equipment available. However, it can be very expensive to receive treatment at Mayo Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic is another excellent option for kidney stone treatment. It offers both inpatient and outpatient care, so you can choose the level of care that you need. It also has a lower cost than Mayo Clinic, making it more affordable for many patients.

Johns Hopkins Hospital is yet another great choice for those needing treatment for kidney stones. Like Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins offers both inpatient and outpatient care options. Additionally, Johns Hopkins has a reputation for being one of the best research hospitals in the country – meaning that you’ll have access to cutting-edge treatments and procedures.

Which Doctor is Best for Stones?

There are many different types of doctors that can treat stones, but not all of them are created equal. Here is a breakdown of the different types of doctors and who is best for treating stones: Primary care physicians: These doctors are usually the first line of defense when it comes to treating stones.

They can prescribe medication and order tests, but they typically refer patients to specialists if they need more aggressive treatment. Urologists: Urologists specialize in the urinary system and are therefore experts in diagnosing and treating stone disease. They have a variety of tools at their disposal to break up or remove stones, including shock wave lithotripsy (SWL), ureteroscopy (URS), and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL).

Nephrologists: Nephrologists focus on kidney health and often work closely with urologists to manage stone disease. In some cases, they may be able to dissolve stones with medications or place stents to help relieve obstruction caused by large stones. Surgeons: Surgeons may be needed if other treatments haven’t worked or if the stone is too large to be treated with minimally-invasive methods.

Surgery options include open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery.

Rg Stone Hospital Delhi


Rg Stone Hospital near Me

If you live in or around Delhi and are looking for a good hospital for yourself or your family, then you should definitely check out RG Stone Hospital. It is one of the best hospitals in the city and offers excellent medical care. The staff at RG Stone Hospital is very friendly and helpful, and they will make sure that you get the best possible treatment.

The hospital has a wide range of facilities, including an emergency room, ICU, and a maternity ward. You can be sure that you will be well taken care of at RG Stone Hospital.

Rg Stone Hospital Doctor List

Rg Stone Hospital has an excellent doctor list that you can check out on their website. They have a wide range of specialists that you can choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. You can also read reviews from other patients to get a better idea of what each doctor is like.

Rg Stone Hospital Fees

The Rg Stone Urology and Laparoscopy Hospital in Mumbai, India provides world-class medical care at very affordable prices. The hospital offers a wide range of urological and laparoscopic procedures, as well as general surgery, ENT, and gynecological services. The hospital has an excellent reputation for its quality of care and patient satisfaction rates.

The Rg Stone Hospital fees are very reasonable when compared to other hospitals in the area. For example, a consultation with a urologist will cost you just Rs. 500 (about $7). A basic urological procedure like a cystectomy will cost you Rs. 5,000 (about $70), while more complex procedures like radical prostatectomy can cost up to Rs. 1 lakh (about $1,500).

If you are looking for high-quality medical care at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in developed countries, then the Rg Stone Hospital is definitely worth considering.

Rg Stone Hospital Packages

If you’re looking for comprehensive and affordable hospital packages, look no further than RG Stone Hospitals. We offer a variety of package options to suit your individual needs and budget. Whether you’re in need of basic medical care or more specialized treatment, we have a package that’s right for you.

Our hospital packages include everything from diagnostics and tests to surgery and post-operative care. We also offer a wide range of preventative health services to keep you healthy and avoid potential health problems down the road. And because we believe that every patient deserves quality care, our team of experienced doctors and nurses are committed to providing the highest level of service possible.

So if you’re searching for top-notch hospital care at an affordable price, be sure to check out RG Stone Hospitals today. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect package for your needs!

Rg Stone Hospital Mumbai

Rg Stone Hospital Mumbai is a world-class facility that offers comprehensive treatment for all types of urological disorders. The hospital has a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons who offer the latest and most advanced treatments for all types of urological problems. Rg Stone Hospital Mumbai is also one of the few hospitals in India that offer robotic surgery for urological procedures.

Rg Stone Hospital Opd Timings

Rg Stone Hospital is one of the leading urology hospitals in India. It has a team of experienced and qualified surgeons who provide world-class treatment to patients. The hospital has state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest technology.

It offers a wide range of services such as stone surgery, urinary incontinence surgery, kidney transplant, etc. The hospital has an OPD that runs from Monday to Saturday. The timings are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM The hospital also has an emergency department that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rg Stone Hospital Pitampura

RG Stone Hospital in Pitampura is a leading center for stone treatment in North India. It offers the latest and most advanced facilities and treatments for all types of stones, whether they are small or large, simple or complex. The hospital has a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons who are experts in their field.

They use the latest technology and techniques to provide the best possible care for their patients. RG Stone Hospital also has a dedicated team of support staff who are always ready to help and support the patients in any way possible.

Rg Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital New Delhi, Delhi

Rg Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital in New Delhi, India is a world-renowned center for urological and laparoscopic care. The hospital has some of the most experienced surgeons in the world, who offer a wide range of services for patients with urological disorders. Services offered at Rg Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital include:

-Urological Consultation: Patients can consult with a board-certified urologist to discuss their symptoms and receive an accurate diagnosis. A variety of diagnostic tests are available, including imaging studies, urine tests, and blood tests. -Laparoscopic Surgery: Rg Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital offers minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for patients with urological conditions.

This type of surgery is less painful and has a shorter recovery time than traditional open surgery. -Robotic Surgery: The hospital is equipped with the latest robotic technology, which allows surgeons to perform complex surgeries with greater precision. Robotic surgery is less invasive than laparoscopic surgery and often results in fewer complications.

-Kidney Stones Treatment: Rg Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital offers a variety of treatments for kidney stones, including shock wave lithotripsy (SWL), extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), percutaneous nephrostomy (PCN), and ureteral stenting. SWL uses sound waves to break up kidney stones so they can be passed through the urinary tract. ESWL uses high-energy sound waves to fragment stones into small pieces that can be passed naturally or removed surgically.

PCN involves placing a small tube through the side of the patient’s body into the kidney to remove large stones that cannot be passed naturally. Ureteral stenting involves placing a small tube in the ureter (the duct that drains urine from the kidney) to help relieve pain caused by blockage of stone fragments within the duct. Rg Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital has a team of dedicated professionals who provide compassionate care to all patients.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a urological condition, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at our hospital today!


Rg Stone Hospital in Delhi is a leading hospital for treating kidney stones. The hospital has a team of experienced doctors who use the latest technology to treat patients. The hospital offers a variety of treatments for kidney stones, including surgery, lithotripsy, and ureteroscopy.

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