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Normal Delivery Hospital in Dhaka

There are many hospitals in Dhaka that offer normal delivery services. However, not all of these facilities are created equal. When it comes to finding a reputable and trustworthy hospital for your normal delivery, you want to make sure that you choose one that meets all of your needs and expectations.

The Normal Delivery Hospital in Dhaka is a great option for those who are looking for a reliable place to have their baby delivered. This hospital offers a variety of services that are designed to make the delivery process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

A normal delivery hospital in Dhaka is a great place to have your baby. The staff is experienced and the facilities are top-notch. You will be able to receive the best care possible for you and your new baby.

Ibn Sina Hospital Baby Delivery Package

Ibn Sina Hospital offers a Baby Delivery Package that includes everything you need for a safe and comfortable delivery. The package includes: -A private delivery room

-Anesthesia services -Laboratory tests -Ultrasound

-X-ray services

Brb Hospital Normal Delivery Package

If you’re pregnant and planning to give birth at a hospital in Singapore, you may be wondering what the “normal delivery” package costs. Here’s a breakdown of the various fees you can expect to pay. Hospital stay: The average cost of a 3-day/2-night stay in a standard ward is $1,500.

This includes your meals, nursing care, and use of the facilities. Medication: You’ll likely be given some pain medication during labor and delivery, which is typically included in the hospital’s charges. However, if you require additional medication or an epidural during your stay, there may be additional charges.

Doctor’s fees: Depending on your doctor’s fee schedule, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500-$2,000 for their services during your labor and delivery. This includes things like prenatal visits leading up to your delivery, as well as the actual delivery itself. Some doctors also charge for postnatal visits following your discharge from the hospital.

Best Maternity Hospital in Dhaka

There are many maternity hospitals in Dhaka, but which one is the best? This question can be difficult to answer, as there are many factors to consider. However, we have compiled a list of the top five maternity hospitals in Dhaka, based on several key criteria.

1. Bangladesh Institute of Child Health (BICH) 2. Dhaka Shishu (Children’s) Hospital 3. Mitford Hospital

4. Sir Salimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital Maternity Wing

Ad-Din Hospital Normal Delivery Cost

Ad-Din Hospital is a government hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is one of the largest hospitals in the country and provides free medical care to all patients. The hospital has a delivery ward for pregnant women who want to give birth at the facility.

The cost of having a normal delivery at Ad-Din Hospital is 10,000 taka (US$120). This includes the cost of the room, food, and medicine for the mother and child.

Normal Delivery Hospital in Dhaka


Which Doctor is Best for Normal Delivery in Dhaka?

There are many doctors who are best for normal delivery in Dhaka. It is important to find a doctor who you feel comfortable with and who has experience in delivering babies. Some good places to start your search include the Bangladesh Medical Association website or by asking friends and family for recommendations.

Once you have found a few potential doctors, be sure to ask them about their experience with normal deliveries, their success rate, and what type of support they can provide during labor and delivery.

Which Hospital is Best for Pregnancy in Dhaka?

There are many hospitals in Dhaka that offer pregnancy care. However, which hospital is best for pregnancy care depends on various factors such as the facility’s reputation, quality of care, and cost. Some of the most popular hospitals for pregnancy care in Dhaka include Bangladesh Institute of Child Health (BICH), Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital (HFRCMCH), and Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital.

BICH is a government-run facility that offers free or low-cost services. HFRCMCH is a private hospital that offers high-quality medical care but is more expensive than BICH. Dhaka Shishu Hospital is also a government-run facility but specializes in pediatrics, making it an ideal choice for families with children who need medical attention.

The best hospital for pregnancy care in Dhaka ultimately depends on the family’s needs and preferences. Families who want high-quality medical care but can afford to pay more may prefer HFRCMCH. Those who want free or low-cost services may choose BICH.

And families with children who need medical attention may find Dhaka Shishu Hospital to be the best option.

Which Doctor is Best for Normal Delivery?

There is no easy answer when it comes to choosing the best doctor for normal delivery. Every woman’s body is different and each pregnancy is unique, so it’s important to select a healthcare provider who you feel comfortable with and who you trust to provide the best care for you and your baby. Some things to consider when making your decision include:

-What type of provider do you want? An OB/GYN or a midwife? -Do you want a male or female provider?

-What are the credentials of the providers in your area? Make sure they are licensed and credentialed by the state in which they practice. -How do their philosophies on childbirth align with yours?

This is an important one! You want to make sure that your values around childbirth are aligned with those of your care provider. For example, if you want a natural childbirth with minimal interventions, make sure that’s what they’re comfortable with providing.

If not, keep looking until you find someone whose philosophy matches up with yours. The most important thing is that YOU feel comfortable with YOUR choice in provider. This person will be taking care of you during one of the most vulnerable times in your life, so it’s imperative that you have confidence in them and their abilities.

Talk to friends and family members who have had children recently and see who they recommend in your area. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, schedule consultations with each one so that you can get a feel for their bedside manner and how they would handle caring for YOU during labor and delivery.

What is Normal Cost for Normal Delivery?

Assuming you are referring to the cost of a vaginal delivery in the United States, the average cost is between $5,000 and $11,000. This includes prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postnatal care. However, there can be a wide range of prices depending on the state you live in, your insurance coverage, and whether or not you have any complications.

For example, a cesarean section will typically cost more than a vaginal delivery. If you have insurance through Medicaid or another government program, your costs may be significantly lower. Additionally, if you give birth at a birthing center or at home with a midwife, your costs will also be lower than if you deliver at a hospital.


If you’re pregnant and live in Dhaka, Bangladesh, you may be wondering what your options are for delivering your baby. There are many hospitals in Dhaka that offer delivery services, but not all of them are created equal. You want to make sure you choose a hospital that will provide you with the best possible care during and after your delivery.

The Normal Delivery Hospital in Dhaka is one of the best hospitals in the city for delivering babies. They have a team of experienced doctors and nurses who are dedicated to providing quality care to their patients. The hospital also has a state-of-the-art facility that is clean and comfortable.

During your stay at the Normal Delivery Hospital, you will be able to receive all of the necessary prenatal care from their team of experts. You will also have access to their labor and delivery suites, which are equipped with everything you need for a safe and successful delivery. After your baby is born, you will be able to recover in one of their postpartum rooms before being discharged from the hospital.

If you’re looking for a top-notch hospital in Dhaka for delivering your baby, look no further than the Normal Delivery Hospital. With their experienced staff and modern facilities, they will ensure that you have a smooth and successful delivery experience.

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