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Elite Hospital Lucknow

Elite Hospital is a leading hospital in Lucknow, India. It offers a wide range of medical services and facilities to its patients. The hospital has a team of experienced and qualified doctors who provide the best possible treatment to their patients.

The hospital also has a well-equipped laboratory and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Elite Hospital in Lucknow is one of the most reputed and leading hospitals in the city. It is known for its world-class facilities and excellent patient care. The hospital has a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who provide comprehensive care to patients.

Elite Hospital provides treatment for all medical conditions and diseases. It also offers a wide range of surgical procedures.

Elite Hospital

Elite Hospital Definition

In the medical field, an elite hospital is defined as a facility that excels in both patient care and research. These hospitals are typically associated with large teaching universities and offer the most advanced treatments and technologies available. Elite hospitals often attract the best and brightest medical professionals, which further enhances the quality of care they provide.

While all hospitals strive to provide excellent patient care, elite hospitals go above and beyond to ensure that their patients receive the best possible treatment.

Gastroenterologist in Vivekanand Hospital Lucknow

A gastroenterologist is a doctor who specializes in disorders of the digestive system. The digestive system includes the stomach, intestines, liver, and pancreas. Gastroenterologists are trained to diagnose and treat conditions that affect these organs.

Vivekanand Hospital in Lucknow is one of the best hospitals for gastroenterology in India. The hospital has a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who provide world-class treatment to their patients. The hospital offers a wide range of services for gastroenterology, such as endoscopy, colonoscopy, and hepatology.

Best Gastroenterologist in Lucknow

Gastroenterologists are physicians who diagnose, treat, and manage conditions of the digestive system. They are also trained in endoscopy, which is a minimally invasive procedure used to visualize the inside of the digestive tract. There are many gastroenterologists in Lucknow who are highly skilled and experienced in treating all sorts of digestive disorders.

Here is a list of some of the best gastroenterologists in Lucknow: Dr. Ashish Agarwal is a renowned gastroenterologist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked at some of the most prestigious hospitals in India and abroad, and is currently associated with Apollo Hospital in Lucknow.

He has expertise in treating various gastrointestinal diseases and disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, gastritis, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. Dr. Amitabh Goel is another leading gastroenterologist in Lucknow with over 15 years of experience. He is currently associated with Fortis Escorts Hospital where he heads the department of Gastroenterology.

He has vast experience in performing endoscopic procedures such as upper GI endoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography), etc. Dr Goel also has special interest in liver diseases and transplantation..

Dr Rajesh Kochhar is a well-known name among gastroenterologists in Lucknow. He has over two decades of experience and is currently associated with King George’s Medical University (KGMU). His areas of expertise include treatment of viral hepatitis, alcohol-related liver diseases, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer disease (PUD), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), etc.

Dr Prashant Katiyar Degree

Dr. Prashant Katiyar is a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs micrographic surgeon. He earned his medical degree from Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, India. After completing an internship in internal medicine at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan, he completed his residency training in dermatology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, where he served as chief resident.

Dr. Katiyar then pursued additional fellowship training in Mohs micrographic surgery and cutaneous oncology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine, one of the nation’s leading programs for this highly specialized form of cancer treatment. A native of India, Dr. Katiyar is fluent in Hindi and Urdu and has a special interest in ethnic skin care issues. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and presented his research findings at national meetings such as the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Mohs Surgery.

Elite Hospital Lucknow


What is the Meaning of Elite Hospital?

There are many different types of hospitals, each with their own purpose and specialty. An elite hospital is one that is known for providing the highest quality of care possible. These hospitals typically have the most experienced staff, the best facilities, and the latest technology.

Patients who are treated at an elite hospital can expect to receive the best possible care available.

Who is the Owner of Kk Hospital Lucknow?

KK Hospital is a privately owned hospital in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was founded in 2006 by Dr. KK Aggarwal. The hospital has 250 beds and provides medical services in various specialties such as cardiology, neurology, nephrology, and oncology.


Elite Hospital in Lucknow is one of the most prestigious hospitals in Uttar Pradesh. It is a tertiary care hospital which provides sophisticated medical facilities and services to its patients. The hospital has a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who use cutting-edge technology to provide world-class treatment to their patients.

Elite Hospital is also known for its excellent customer service and support staff.

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