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Ekushey Hospital Private Ltd is a private hospital located in Chittagong. It is one of the oldest private hospitals in Chittagong. It provides standard & modern healthcare facilities to patients through specialist doctors & nurses at an affordable price. They have 24/7 emergency service and ambulance facilities. It’s situated in the middle of Muradpur and Chawkbazar.

Facilities of Ekushey Hospital Chittagong

The facilities that are available to Ekushey Hospital Chittagong are as follows:

Medical services:
(a) outpatient clinics (b) internal medicine(c) surgery(d) pediatrics department (e) in-patient facilities (f) critical care and emergency services.
Nursing service:
(a) general nursing services (b) intensive care units
(a) pharmacy department (b) blood bank
Physical therapy:
(a) physiotherapy department (b) occupational therapy and speech therapy.
Chemistry, Microbiology, and Pathology tests:
(a) Chemistry lab (b) Blood Bank (c) Microbiology lab (d) Pathology lab
Social services:
This section can be divided into 4 parts which is under the nursing service division. The social services for patients include: -family counseling-religious guidance-public health activities such as immunization against measles-rubella and diphtheria etc.-psychological counseling-social welfare activities including medical relief to deserving poor patients who do not get any financial help from their families or government.
Dietetics & nutrition service:
This is to ensure a nutritional diet for all patients in the hospital and, at times, even their relatives during the period of hospitalization. The dietitian will prepare orders for each patient with a special dietary requirements such as salt-free or sugar-free etc.
Computer room:
To help in making necessary programs and sorting out data into useful information which can be used by nursing service division & other departments working in the general medicine department.
The laboratory section consists of three sections namely (1) Chemistry lab (2) Blood bank & (3) Microbiology lab. There are about 50 employees working in these three sections from different disciplines like Biochemists, Medical technicians, Bi chemists, etc.
Sterilization room:
Sterilization of medical equipment and instruments is done in the 25 bedded sterilization room. There are two autoclaves with a working capacity of 8 beds each and a single bedded one.
Ophthalmological rooms:
Ophthalmological OPD is conducted in this department for the general public as well as for patients admitted to the hospital. All types of eye treatment such as removal of foreign bodies, squint correction surgery, etc., are done free of cost.

If you are looking for Ekushey Hospital Chittagong then the below address and map can help you to find out their address.

Address: Sugandha Rd 2, Chattogram 4212 Phone: 031-657629


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